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My Cities, 2023
28 cities and 73 nights away from home.

My Cities, 2022
19 cities and 60 nights away from home.

My Cities, 2021
15 cities and 40 nights away from home.

My Cities, 2020
7 cities and 21 nights away from home.

My Cities, 2019
16 cities and 43 nights away from home.

My Cities, 2018
9 cities and 26 nights away from home.

My Cities, 2017
21 cities and 54 nights away from home.

In an unexpected meeting with unexpected people about unexpected ideas.
New York, NY

Saying good morning to the one who unlocks the gate. Except this morning, she couldn't.
New York, NY

To the rude, dangerous, obnoxious taxi driver: thank you.
New Orleans, LA

If in doubt, walk.
London, United Kingdom

On the edge of the world, looking for the swimming hole.
Cardigan, United Kingdom

Caught in the Act
Reykjavik, Iceland

Southern Peninsula, Iceland

Bias for Curiosity
San Francisco, CA

My Cities, 2016
22 cities and 72 nights away from home.

My Cities, 2015
23 cities and 141 nights away from home.

New Orleans, The Food
72 hours of New Orleans food

Do Lectures, Australia
Talking about esoteric technology? Easy. Talking about my life? Hard.

My Cities, 2014
28 cities and 148 nights away from home.

How to Take Photos Underwater
Kauai, Hawaii

Copake Lake, NY

Where twisters come from.

20 Things I Pack for Living
What I use to live when I travel.

The Do Lectures
Cardigan, Wales

Milford, CT
Woodmont Beach

London, England
What I do when I'm in London

The Great Saunter
Manhattan, New York, NY

Up in the Air
The nostalgia of the airplane window photo

Reykjavik, Iceland
Exploring Castles in the Sky

DLD 2014
Munich, Germany

Las Vegas, NV

My Cities, 2013
30 cities and 109 nights away from home.

13 from 2013
Thirteen photos from 2013 to summarize the year.

Hidden Valley, PA
Winter Wonderland.

Pittsburgh, PA
Urban Nature.

Naples, FL

New Paltz, NY
What laid down the path.

Los Angeles, CA
Living in public.

Venice, Italy
Peering past the tourists.

Tuscany, Italy
Getting lost is part of the fun.

Rome, Italy
Using the frame I brought with me.

Escaping The City
It's amazing how many great escapes are available outside NYC.

How to do Tanglewood right.

Milford, CT
How Sundays are supposed to be lived.

Burlington, Vermont

Eagle Bridge, NY
Using what we have.

Sag Harbor, NY
From a 25 mile ride from Sag Harbor to Amagansett and back.

Hudson River Valley, NY
Adventures out of NYC

Providence, Rhode Island
Walking the streets of Providence

San Francisco, CA
The sights of business travel.

Circumnavigating the island of Manhattan
Manhattan, New York, NY

Richmond, VA
Venturing outside the bubble.

New Orleans, LA
What I recommend in NOLA

Montauk, NY
There's something wonderful about exploring a place out of season.

Austin, Texas
Before the world arrives.

St. Augustine, FL
Pulled to the edge.

Berlin, Germany
Forever unknown.

DLD 2013
Munich, Germany

My Cities, 2012
28 cities and 97 nights away from home on a quiet year.

Paris, France
Understanding Paris's love locks.

A Week at a Colorado Dude Ranch
Black Mountain Ranch, CO

Spending Thanksgiving Giving Back
Panajachel, Guatemala

Step after step
Long route to the top

My Cities 2011

Unsilent Night, 2011
New York, NY

Dear Sir
New York, NY

New York, NY

My Cities 2010

A great day
London, UK

My Cities 2009

I love the street food in Asia.
What I love about street stall eateries in Asian cities.

The smooth subversion of air travel

The Tuttle Club
A note about Tuttle, my new favorite ritual in London.

Three days hiking in the Rila Mountains, Bulgaria (a story untold)
An improvised three days hiking in the Rila Mountains in Bulgaria.

Looking out, looking in.
A hot, languid day train from Bulgaria to Romania, (Veliko Tarnovo to Bucharest via Ruse)

An introvert, in the wild.
Introverts live differently than extroverts. Not surprisingly, they also travel differently. Trust me, I know.

Creating the means to match the spirit (How to Plan for Travel)
Responding to a request to outline the logistics of a nomadic life beyond the small matter of what to pack.

One night on a train from Istanbul to Sofia
Snippets from an overnight train ride on the Bosphorus Express from Istanbul, Turkey to Sofia, Bulgaria on my current little jaunt.

Street Art from Istanbul, Turkey
A request for street art, fulfilled.

Modern Flaneurs
The term flaneur may date back to another era, but it’s an idea and an action more relevant today than ever.

Zombie travel is travel without conscious thought.

One Night at an Internet Cafe in Tokyo (a recommended experience)
Tokyo, Japan

One Way to Sleep in Tokyo (Not Recommended)

I expected to like Durango, and I did.

How to Live a Nomadic Lifestyle

My Cities 2008
72 different cities in 5 countries.

Centralia, PA
A smoldering ghost town tucked away in Pennsylvania.

Unordered Thoughts from India
Pune, India

Cultural Tourism

My Cities 2007
77 cities on a year on the road

Our face to the world
Vienna, VA

Half Dome, Yosemite, CA

Crianlarich, Scotland

Where tourists and travelers meet
Inversnaid, Scotland

Trail Magic
Drymen, Scotland

Get On The Bus
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The Crew
Glasgow, Scotland

One more day, Ashburn, VA
Ashburn, VA

A Misplaced Day
Arlington, VA

The misleading lure of travel
California, USA

Winter Camping
Dolly Sods Wilderness Area, West Virginia

Hello, 2007
Virginia Beach, VA

My Cities 2006
26 cities on a year full of travel

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