Taylor Davidson · The Crew

Glasgow, Scotland
by Taylor Davidson · 05 May 2007

I enjoy the present, but I sustain myself with thoughts of the future. Whether vague, undetermined and unrealistic or completely settled and practical, the events to come give purpose and guidance toward the decisions I make every day. Living today to maximize today and tomorrow.

This trip had sustained me for quite awhile.

* * *

How did we find ourselves in Scotland?

Bryan and I had talked about the need to embark on a meaningful journey once a year. Kevin was the first to propose this trip to Scotland and the West Highland Way, the seed being planted in a conversation in a pub a year back.

Instead of letting the idea linger, Kevin and I quickly sorted out the practicalities and set our plans. A long-distance, popular, iconic trek in the Scottish Highlands, stretching 95 miles north of Glasgow to Fort William. Delving into the countryside, crossing the hills and wild moors, skirting the lochs and rivers, navigating the mountains and looping into the small towns, the trek seemed like a great blend of experiences. Once we started discussing the idea with friends, we found like-minded compatriots in Bryan and Fran, and the plans were set.

The reality of the upcoming hike still had not settled in once I landed in Glasgow. Walking around the city, it just seemed like a normal wandering around a city full of indecipherable accents and a distinctive sense of fashion. Out at the pubs, the hike still seemed a distant thought.

It was by design that the hike plans had not yet been decided, as Kevin and I had preferred to punt on the detailed decisions on daily mileages and places to stay until we were on the ground and had a better feel for how it would pan out. We needed to be there to gauge the weather, look at the daily route in detail, ask about places and towns to stay, see how our bodies held up.

But tonight was not about acquiring the lay of the land. No decisions necessary tonight. Just being there was enough.