Taylor Davidson · A Misplaced Day

Arlington, VA
by Taylor Davidson · 15 Apr 2007

I took a walk today through a land of swollen streams and rivers, pouring over their banks into the paths. Clouds filling the sky dumping the merciless rain ceaselessly throughout the day, people encased in their homes, their cars, or layers of waterproof gear.

I expected this weather and had prepared to brave it during long walks throughout the journey, ready to convince myself that the conditions would only make the achievement more fulfilling. The added discomfort would add to the experience, make it more meaningful, more wild, more of a test.

But that was for the last two weeks in Scotland, not today in Arlington, VA. Who would have thought that I could spend two weeks hiking and travelling in Scotland, in early April, in the Highlands and Lowlands, and not see an ounce of rain or a cloud in the sky? Locals, travelers, tourists alike, all were amazed by the weather, noting that this was luck beyond all possibilities and hopes.

I should have seen today’s weather at least one of those days. But I won’t complain.