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Vienna, VA
by Taylor Davidson · 03 Sep 2007
Reality, Vienna, VA, Sept 2007

When do we let our guard down? When do we show our true selves to the world? How often do you feel your smile is not genuine? How often are you happy inside without it shining through to the world? Can you hide how you feel?

I have a love / hate relationship with American suburbia. I enjoy the space and the ability to retreat from the outer world, the physical separation into the home that the suburbs makes so easy. Yet I miss the ease of interaction, the tension of street life and the variety, vibrancy and possibility of life that proximity creates. Does it have to be an all-or-nothing choice?

There is no perfect place to live, it does not exist. I can only capture everything I like by having multiple environments, multiple cultures and multiple homes, and the ability to switch between them and other locations. Not change, but variety.

What do you need?