Taylor Davidson · I expected to like Durango, and I did.

by Taylor Davidson · 03 Mar 2009
Opportunity, Durango, Colorado

Compared to Reno, which I thought I would hate (but didn’t), I expected to like Durango, Colorado (and I did).

It’s hard to explain how we create images in our minds of places we’ve never visited. Maps; maps of streets we haven’t meandered, topographies we haven’t surveyed, neighborhoods we haven’t visited. Pictures; pictures of people we haven’t met, restaurants we haven’t ordered in, bars we haven’t curled up to, views we haven’t captured in our minds. Stories; tales of days we haven’t seen and nights we don’t remember (and still might not even after experiencing them). Memories; deja-vus that we have yet to experience, memories that exist only in the future.

Knocking, Durango, Colorado

Knocking, Durango, Colorado, Feb 2009

We eagerly wait to put our feet where our mind has already tread, finding out if our ideas of alternate lives we could lead in unvisited places could be realities or are merely misplaced illusions.

How often do your “castles in the sky” turn out as you envision?


But sometimes they do.

Why was Durango one of the few? Constant reminders of abundant opportunities for escapes and adventures small and large. Good reasons to stay home. A refuge. The hope of a real, varied, manageable life of my own creation.

Opportunity knocking.