Taylor Davidson · My Cities, 2018

9 cities and 26 nights away from home.
by Taylor Davidson · 01 Jan 2019

Now in year 13, below are my cities in 2018 (here’s 2017). As always, only cities where I spent a night count, and the # in parentheses are the number of visits on non-consecutive night visits.


  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Toronto, ON
  • St. Augustine, FL
  • Chalk Hill, PA
  • Scottsdale, AZ
  • Milford, CT
  • Chambersburg, PA
  • Nosara, Costa Rica
  • Dolly Sods, WV

2018 was a year spent primarily at home - zero conferences, one business trip, minimal nights at hotels and days flying - resulting in 93% of the nights spent at home in Pittsburgh. We also took perhaps our best vacation, welcomed our second son, and continued to build two companies and enjoy our community.

I’ve always said that it’s hard to accomplish interesting things when you direct your creative energy toward living and traveling to interesting places, and for many of these 13 years my energies were spent on exploring, seeing, deciding what to do each day, where to go, sleep, eat, live. Two kids has a way of changing that, shifting your energy towards what they do every day, and learning to draw your joy from their own. But that also has a way of refocusing your creative energy, and creating the space to build interesting things.