Taylor Davidson · 2014

In an unexpected meeting with unexpected people about unexpected ideas.
New York, NY

Saying good morning to the one who unlocks the gate. Except this morning, she couldn't.
New York, NY

To the rude, dangerous, obnoxious taxi driver: thank you.
New Orleans, LA

If in doubt, walk.
London, United Kingdom

On the edge of the world, looking for the swimming hole.
Cardigan, United Kingdom

Caught in the Act
Reykjavik, Iceland

Southern Peninsula, Iceland

Bias for Curiosity
San Francisco, CA

14 from 2014
Fourteen photos from 2014 to summarize the year.

How to Take Photos Underwater
Kauai, Hawaii

How the Future of Mobile Apps Impacts Ads and Brands
The future of mobile apps will create new avenues for mobile ads. But it all starts with user experiences.

Copake Lake, NY

Users, meet Advertisers
The shift from a product people love to a product advertisers love is tough. But that should be expected.

Peak Password
Why the password needs to be replaced

Apple Watch
I'm more excited about Apple's watches than their phones. Here's why.

Where twisters come from.

23 Things I've Learned as a VC
Looking back at three years in venture

Software is Eating the Camera
How software is changing the form and substance of cameras and photos

20 Things I Pack for Living
What I use to live when I travel.

The Do Lectures
Cardigan, Wales

Why Mobile Unbundling Isn't Inevitable
The state of mobile app unbundling today, and how app extensions, deep linking, and notifications could alter the rationale for unbundling.

The Future of Mobile Photography Apps
iOS 8, Android L, and the implications for mobile photography

Moving on from kbs Ventures
After a great three years at kbs+ Ventures, the time has come for me to move on. I'm excited to announce that I recently resigned to pursue new endeavors.

The Internet of Things is about people, not things.
A talk I gave at Startup Iceland, 2014

Milford, CT
Woodmont Beach

London, England
What I do when I'm in London

The State of Programmatic Advertising
... will be defined by the sites we make popular and the ad units made to fit them.

Evan Nisselson
My goals are to solve problems, be creative, have fun and make money while I sleep.

Why Deep Linking Matters
Mobile apps are adding back the structure of the web, bit by bit.

The Great Saunter
Manhattan, New York, NY

Up in the Air
The nostalgia of the airplane window photo

The Peer-to-Peer Movement
Signs of how peer-to-peer technologies will disrupt the centralization of the Internet.

Card Architecture and Card Design
Cards are not the first form of embedding interactivity, but it's the one with the biggest future. Look beyond the design of cards to the architecture behind them.

Social photography is changing stock photography.
From Shutterstock, to Getty, to EyeEm and 500px, social photography is having an impact on stock photography.

Publishing as a Product, Pageviews as Users, and What The Shift Means
Re-thinking publishers as intent engines, and what it takes to get there

The mobile single-purpose app strategy
Thin wedges can be valuable icebergs.

Shannon Fagan
The most interesting trend recently is the rapid rise of news coverage by everyday citizens with a cell phone camera... This has given way to a very intriguing shift in global comprehension of what constitutes privacy.

Fundraising for Entrepreneurs
Slides from a talk about Fundraising for Early-stage Entrepreneurs I gave at Carnegie Mellon University's Tepper School of Business, Feb 14, 2014

Brian DiFeo
I think there will always be a need for photography agents because some creatives don’t want to get involved with the business side of the work.

It's a fascinating time to be a publisher
An overview of digital publishers today.

Stephen Mayes
I’m excited beyond reason (i.e. a little crazy) by the mass adoption of photography as a tool of vernacular communication.

Kyle Dean Reinford
Digital technology is what brought me in to the photo industry.

Reykjavik, Iceland
Exploring Castles in the Sky

DLD 2014
Munich, Germany

How "native advertising" will shift from the buzzy savior of advertising to the new normal
Programmatic content + programmatic buying, FTW.

Las Vegas, NV

My Cities, 2013
30 cities and 109 nights away from home.

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