Taylor Davidson · 14 from 2014

Fourteen photos from 2014 to summarize the year.
by Taylor Davidson · 31 Dec 2014

Looking back at 2014, inspired again by Mark Lobo, here’s fourteen photos that summarize my year.

2014 was a year of changes personal and professional, and a year where we directed much of our time towards fulfilling long-harbored goals and ideas. Above is a photo from Unsilent Night in NYC this year.

In the dead of January winter, we missed the NYC polar vortex while in [Germany]((/2014/dld14) and Iceland. Iceland is a place I’ve longed dreamed of visiting, and I got the special opportunity to return in May to give a talk at Startup Iceland about The Internet of Things.

In May we participated in The Great Saunter, a one-day, 32 mile walk around the outside of the island of Manhattan. In 2014 I cycled around the island by myself, but this year we participated in the real event. NYC is full of unique experiences, if you keep your eyes, ears, mind, heart, and soul open, and keep stepping out the door to find them.

Even though we went to CES this year, I made a conscious effort to shift my time spent at conferences and events towards smaller, more intimate situations. The Do Lectures in Wales was a highlight of my year, and something I want to experience again in the near future.

In July I resigned from kbs, and spent a good part of my summer in upstate NY at Hill Hollow Farm. More photos from upstate are here.

I recapped a bit about what I learned as a VC this fall, but I spent most of my post-kbs time refocusing on new opportunities, more on that to come in 2015.

I continued to write about the photography industry throughout the year, writing my newsletter PHOTO/TECH through most of the year, and talking at panels at EyeEm’s Festival and Awards in Berlin and judging at Photo Hack Day in NYC.

As a photographer, I shifted my gear slightly, focusing more on using a prime lens, and extending the capabilities of the iPhone with the Moment lenses. And I continued photographing events, including Clinton Global Intitiative and other business events in NYC (event portfolio). Photography has always, and will always, be a major part of my life.

In October Sloane completed visiting all 50 states through a little 2,500 mile, 6 day, 6 state roadtrip we took through the Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, and Wisconsin.

And in November I finished my 50 states with a trip to Hawaii. We spent a week on the island of Kauai snorkeling, hiking, and relaxing our way throughout the island. Many of my photos were featured by Fathom in an Instagram takeover, and I got the chance to learn a lot about underwater photography.

We took full advantage of our opportunities this year to explore Vermont, Upstate NY, and the Berkshires, taking many trips, hikes, and walks in the woods in the northeast. Escaping the city is an important part to finding peace and balance in my life. Most of my ideas and posts originate from the time and space spent in the woods; even the posts that deeply ruminate about the future of apps, peer-to-peer tech, cards, passwords, deep linking, app unbundling, and the future camera.

And throughout the year, we enjoyed spending time with our puppy Piper, hiking, swimming, and exploring. We learned so much from her, and hopefully we taught her a few things as well. Here’s to a great 2015.