Taylor Davidson · 2013

13 from 2013
Thirteen photos from 2013 to summarize the year.

Hidden Valley, PA
Winter Wonderland.

Pittsburgh, PA
Urban Nature.

Naples, FL

Mobile messaging, brands, and adtech
Mobile communication apps may not appear to be adtech companies. But then, neither did social networks.

The last video

New Paltz, NY
What laid down the path.

Feedback from Founders
I surveyed all the entrepreneurs I've met about what I did right AND wrong as a VC. Here's what they said.

Angellist Syndicates is crowdfunding without the crowd. For now.
It's impossible to think about Angellist Syndicates without looking at the broader picture of equity crowdfunding.

A VC's take on CGI 2013
Thoughts from Clinton Global Initiative by a tech venture capitalist.

Los Angeles, CA
Living in public.

The most interesting companies in advertising are built for people first, marketers second.
If you want to figure out the future of adtech, look to where consumer technology is going.

Venice, Italy
Peering past the tourists.

Tuscany, Italy
Getting lost is part of the fun.

Rome, Italy
Using the frame I brought with me.

Escaping The City
It's amazing how many great escapes are available outside NYC.

Why it's hard for startups to hack brands and agencies for growth
There's a difference between business development and selling.

How to do Tanglewood right.

Milford, CT
How Sundays are supposed to be lived.

Burlington, Vermont

Eagle Bridge, NY
Using what we have.

Sag Harbor, NY
From a 25 mile ride from Sag Harbor to Amagansett and back.

Hudson River Valley, NY
Adventures out of NYC

Providence, Rhode Island
Walking the streets of Providence

San Francisco, CA
The sights of business travel.

Circumnavigating the island of Manhattan
Manhattan, New York, NY

Richmond, VA
Venturing outside the bubble.

New Orleans, LA
What I recommend in NOLA

Montauk, NY
There's something wonderful about exploring a place out of season.

How a single sentence changed how I see
On a spring Saturday a year ago I sat down for a photography portfolio review at International Center of Photography. What I learned applies far outside the world of photography.

From Photogram to Instagram
Behind changes in mediums and messages, from the photogram to the instagram

The Filter Future
Digging a bit into Vine and Instagram, here’s the path to the next round of innovation in consumer photography. And it’s not in “filters” in the current sense of the word.

Austin, Texas
Before the world arrives.

St. Augustine, FL
Pulled to the edge.

The guard
Alert languidness

Berlin, Germany
Forever unknown.

DLD 2013
Munich, Germany

My Cities, 2012
28 cities and 97 nights away from home on a quiet year.

Paris, France
Understanding Paris's love locks.

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