Taylor Davidson · 2009

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Financial Models Are (Still) Always Wrong: Create One Anyway  November 2009

Making Myself Uncomfortable (A Zombie’s Journey)  November 2009

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The Tuttle Club  September 2009

DSLRs are SUVs  September 2009

Three days hiking in the Rila Mountains, Bulgaria (a story untold)  September 2009

Looking out, looking in.  August 2009

An introvert, in the wild.  August 2009

Creating the means to match the spirit (How to Plan for Travel)  August 2009

One night on a train from Istanbul to Sofia  August 2009

Street Art from Istanbul, Turkey  August 2009

Modern Flaneurs  August 2009

Zombie travel is travel without conscious thought.  July 2009

One Night at an Internet Cafe in Tokyo (a recommended experience)  July 2009

How to Pack for a Nomadic Life (and the 79 things I packed).  July 2009

One Way to Sleep in Tokyo (Not Recommended)  July 2009

Three people living lives too cool to ignore.  July 2009

The data revolution in baseball continues.  July 2009

Unbundling the Photography Industry, Redux  June 2009

Ambient Intimacy: Creating Archetypes from Avatars  May 2009

A “Personal API” could be a modularized, standardized interface for collaboration.  May 2009

A little known fact: I'm actually a baseball geek.  April 2009

I expected to like Durango, and I did.  March 2009

How to Live a Nomadic Lifestyle  February 2009

Modeling Viral Loops  January 2009

Financial Models Are Always Wrong: Create One Anyway.  January 2009

My Cities 2008  January 2009