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The Augmented Future (of Photography)
Augmented, mixed and virtual reality will change popular photography.

On Photography (in 2016)
What happens when photography technology diffuses into society?

Why does real photography matter?
The impact of selfies and computational photography on professional photography today.

The key to winning Instagram
"You have to be interested to take interesting pictures."

Beyond Better Images
I'm excited about technologies that help us create better photos, not just better images.

Software is Eating the Camera
How software is changing the form and substance of cameras and photos

The Future of Mobile Photography Apps
iOS 8, Android L, and the implications for mobile photography

Evan Nisselson
My goals are to solve problems, be creative, have fun and make money while I sleep.

Social photography is changing stock photography.
From Shutterstock, to Getty, to EyeEm and 500px, social photography is having an impact on stock photography.

Shannon Fagan
The most interesting trend recently is the rapid rise of news coverage by everyday citizens with a cell phone camera... This has given way to a very intriguing shift in global comprehension of what constitutes privacy.

Brian DiFeo
I think there will always be a need for photography agents because some creatives don’t want to get involved with the business side of the work.

Stephen Mayes
I’m excited beyond reason (i.e. a little crazy) by the mass adoption of photography as a tool of vernacular communication.

Kyle Dean Reinford
Digital technology is what brought me in to the photo industry.

How a single sentence changed how I see
On a spring Saturday a year ago I sat down for a photography portfolio review at International Center of Photography. What I learned applies far outside the world of photography.

From Photogram to Instagram
Behind changes in mediums and messages, from the photogram to the instagram

The Filter Future
Digging a bit into Vine and Instagram, here’s the path to the next round of innovation in consumer photography. And it’s not in “filters” in the current sense of the word.

Tell Stories
Share snippets, and enjoy it. But don’t stop there. Share stories also.

Photographing Summer in Boston with the Camera You Have on You
A recent feature in Gizmodo talking about how I shoot

The Misplaced Debate About Instagram
Technology changes faster than culture, incumbents never like being disrupted, and “photography”, “photographer”, and “photos” don’t mean what they used to.

The Lytro isn't a new camera, it's a new medium.
The Lytro is a discontinuity in digital camera evolution.

Collaboration works best when both parties are curious about the outcome; hiring works best when you have a fixed objective.
Two key points about collaboration, through the lens of photography.

Everyone is a photojournalist.
... and that’s ok. Because even though everyone is a photojournalist in their own way, the dedicated photojournalist still has a valuable role to play.

Can OpenPhoto unbundle the photo industry?
A vision of an unbundled sharing and stock photography service.

The deluge of the amateur photographer, redux.
Retracing an old discussion about the impact of the deluge of the amateur, linking together yesterday’s fair take by the NY Times with a post of mine from September 2007

DSLRs are SUVs
Do people really want bigger cameras? No, and that’s why the micro 4/3 innovation is important, not as a sign that micro 4/3 is the solution the mass market wants, but that DSLRs aren’t really what the mass market wants, either.

Unbundling the Photography Industry, Redux
Break down the stack of services in the photography industry and imagine a photography sales platform that operates as a search engine through the internet’s warehouse of images; the current issues in the photography industry are signs of long-term pressures and hints of the industry’s future.

Lesson 5: Make Great Work
It’s still about the art.

Lesson 4: Connect with context and content
It’s always been about creating great content, but there’s now a larger opportunity than ever to deliver great context.

Lesson 3: Take advantage of the oversupply and target your brand, your niche, your fans, your customers
Forget about fighting the market. Stand above the market and create your own.

Lesson 2: Take advantage of the atomization of demand and expand the scope of consumption
What are the business opportunities for photographers?

Lesson 1: Photographers are your customers, not your competition
Where is the money in photography?

Five Lessons: How Photographers can Create New Business Models
The start to a five lesson series about how photographers can create new business models.

Everyone is a photographer.
Photography as communication, not just art.

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