Taylor Davidson · Lesson 5: Make Great Work

It’s still about the art.
by Taylor Davidson · 23 Oct 2008
It is about you, Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, 2008

The last lesson of the Five Lessons series

Make great work.

It’s still about the art.

A bit anticlimatic, eh?

It’s still about the quality of the work. But as we’ve discussed, “work” encompasses a much broader scope than just the images.

All the work to connect, promote, share and educate means nothing if you’re not creating great work. If you’re not making “art that reacts”, good luck.

Your passion has to guide your work; you won’t be able to succeed by simply copying someone else’s style, goals, tactics or ideas. If your voice and passion happens to be exactly the same as others, then fine: and good luck.

People still love photography. People still love seeing stories communicated through images. We’re living in a world with a far wider range of mediums in our daily lives that can create, manipulate and display images. We’re not limited by options, we’re limited by our desire and vision.

Find yours.

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