Taylor Davidson · 2012

Notification Zero
Everyone talks about achieving Inbox Zero, why don’t we talk about Notification Zero?

“Five years isn’t long, but it’s long enough.”
Five years is long enough to make lifelong friends.

What's Native Today Will be Programmatic Tomorrow

A Week at a Colorado Dude Ranch
Black Mountain Ranch, CO

Tell Stories
Share snippets, and enjoy it. But don’t stop there. Share stories also.

Brands follow audiences, dollars follow performance, and performance takes data.
Unlocking the data silos across the web is the first key to enabling advertising spend to flow into new areas as fast as attention.

International First
Perhaps instead of web first, or mobile first, we should think about international first and what that means.

Spending Thanksgiving Giving Back
Panajachel, Guatemala

Step after step
Long route to the top

Manhattan in recovery
Manhattan, NY, NY

Outrage borders
Midtown Manhattan, NY, NY

Surveying Lower Manhattan
Lower Manhattan, NY, NY

Morning after Hurricane Sandy, East Village
East Village, NY, NY

Morning after Hurricane Sandy, Chelsea
Chelsea, NY, NY

Hurricane Sandy


Photographing Summer in Boston with the Camera You Have on You
A recent feature in Gizmodo talking about how I shoot

The Misplaced Debate About Instagram
Technology changes faster than culture, incumbents never like being disrupted, and “photography”, “photographer”, and “photos” don’t mean what they used to.

Where it happened
And life continues on.

Gulf Aid

I want to...
When you think “I want to..”, what do you do?

Context First
The next set of winners in web services will use the organizing principle of “context first” to build on top of social platforms, mobile platforms and data platforms to rethink how their business operates.

The Lytro isn't a new camera, it's a new medium.
The Lytro is a discontinuity in digital camera evolution.

Collaboration works best when both parties are curious about the outcome; hiring works best when you have a fixed objective.
Two key points about collaboration, through the lens of photography.

Intent Data, the Key to Internet Marketing
Detailing how first-party digital intent data can be used by marketers and advertisers, and why intent data is not the same as social data. Startup idea enclosed.

How crowdfunding could impact the venture capital industry
What happens when everybody’s a venture capitalist? The crowd is waiting to disrupt yet another industry, and the time is now for the venture industry to take advantage of it.

Why digital intent matters
A glimpse into why we are going to hear a lot more about intent in digital marketing.

It's not Life's responsibility to make our lives great. That's up to us.
New Orleans, LA

The best technology fades into the background
The best technology fades into the background, because people don’t care about tech, they care about what it does.

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