Taylor Davidson · 2008

Be Undeniably Good  December 2008

Content is cheap, context is expensive. Is it any surprise which one we lack?  November 2008

Lesson 5: Make Great Work  October 2008

Lesson 4: Connect with context and content  October 2008

Lesson 3: Take advantage of the oversupply and target your brand, your niche, your fans, your customers  October 2008

Lesson 2: Take advantage of the atomization of demand and expand the scope of consumption  October 2008

Lesson 1: Photographers are your customers, not your competition  October 2008

Five Lessons: How Photographers can Create New Business Models  September 2008

How to Fail - 25 Lessons Learned through Failure  September 2008

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Centralia, PA  August 2008

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