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Thank you, ChatGPT
A short detail on how I built a new website feature

Celebrating a business milestone ↗
$1 MM in template sales on Gumroad

How I built Nine Rakes
Sports stats, virtual basketball, and Nine Rakes

Robot coloring pages for kids
Free downloads for your coloring enjoyment

Piper Dauphine Davidson
Thank you.

18 from 2018
Eighteen photos from 2018 to summarize the year.

What's your favorite number?
My answer is probably not what you think.

How to Pack for a Family Trip (and the 10,000 things I packed)
I'm joking, I don't think it was actually 10,000 things. But it felt like it.

And And
A new podcast about balancing life and career, on the Forbes Network.

How I manage my personal finances with Slack, Zapier and Google Sheets
This year I'm testing a new way to manage my family's finances.

Minimal Mode
Non-stuff is easier than non-self. We blame the demands of daily work and family life for making zen (and minimalism) unattainable, but the real reason is more raw: fear, ambition, desire, jealousy.

14 from 2014
Fourteen photos from 2014 to summarize the year.

Moving on from kbs Ventures
After a great three years at kbs+ Ventures, the time has come for me to move on. I'm excited to announce that I recently resigned to pursue new endeavors.

The last video

The guard
Alert languidness

“Five years isn’t long, but it’s long enough.”
Five years is long enough to make lifelong friends.

Manhattan in recovery
Manhattan, NY, NY

Outrage borders
Midtown Manhattan, NY, NY

Surveying Lower Manhattan
Lower Manhattan, NY, NY

Morning after Hurricane Sandy, East Village
East Village, NY, NY

Morning after Hurricane Sandy, Chelsea
Chelsea, NY, NY

Hurricane Sandy


Where it happened
And life continues on.

Gulf Aid

I want to...
When you think “I want to..”, what do you do?

It's not Life's responsibility to make our lives great. That's up to us.
New Orleans, LA

Do Less

Making Myself Uncomfortable (A Zombie's Journey)
A story about a zombie's early morning flight from New Orleans to San Francisco.

How to Pack for a Nomadic Life (and the 79 things I packed).
The 79 things I packed for a trip around the world.

The data revolution in baseball continues.
On technology and data-driven decision-making in baseball.

Ambient Intimacy: Creating Archetypes from Avatars

A little known fact: I'm actually a baseball geek.

Be Undeniably Good
How to make it.

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