Taylor Davidson · Robot coloring pages for kids

Free downloads for your coloring enjoyment
by Taylor Davidson · 24 Jan 2022

My sons love to color, but oddly (not surprisingly?) they don’t love coloring books. Instead of settling for whatever is in a book, they want to color what they want to color.

At some point when my oldest was a couple years old, we discovered that a websearch for “something he wants to color” coloring page would turn up tons of pages just ready to print out and color. And ever since then, it’s a near-daily exercise in finding and printing out new things to color, to form into books, to use as parts of stories they create.

Lately my oldest has taken to making his own coloring pages; it started while on vacation, when he couldn’t print out pages from a computer, so he instead starting making his own coloring pages. He would draw simple to intricate designs and scenes, and use color dots to denote the suggested color for one to use in each space. We would draw one for him to color, he would draw one for us to color, until we ran out of paper, markers, or crayons (and most nights, running out of materials was the only way to stop it).

When we returned home, he wanted to start sharing his coloring pages for others to print out. So here is a start of coloring pages for you to download, print out, and enjoy.

Robot Wings Coloring Page

Robot Face Coloring Page

Robot Cycle Coloring Page

Robot Plane Coloring Page

Robot Coloring Page

Robot Triangles Coloring Page

Dragon Warrior Coloring Page

Monster Coloring Page

Pikachew Coloring Page