Taylor Davidson · 2016

My Cities, 2016
22 cities and 72 nights away from home.

How to Pack for a Family Trip (and the 10,000 things I packed)
I'm joking, I don't think it was actually 10,000 things. But it felt like it.

Bots, the new-new-old thing
Why are bots notable? Not because of what they are, but because of what they can do.

And And
A new podcast about balancing life and career, on the Forbes Network.

Algorithms and The Pursuit of Advertising
Instagram's shift to an algorithmic feed is an age-old story playing out yet again. And Snapchat? Coming soon.

How I manage my personal finances with Slack, Zapier and Google Sheets
This year I'm testing a new way to manage my family's finances.

On Photography (in 2016)
What happens when photography technology diffuses into society?

How to Forecast Your Online Course Earnings
Plus, download a sample model to outline your potential earnings

My Cities, 2015
23 cities and 141 nights away from home.

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