Taylor Davidson · Here's what I'm doing now

I’m home in Pittsburgh, PA. Here’s what I’m up to:

  • Always growing Foresight. Foresight has been great - the culmination of my work building Excel-based spreadsheet models since 1999 - and I’m always working on providing better tools and services to help entrepreneurs and investors build and understand forecasts. Currently working on a new site and a new community project.
  • Investing in companies and giving to projects in education, equality, environment. Here’s what I’m investing in.
  • I’ve always invested in my health, so working out is nothing new. Adding swimming and the gym back into my routine this winter.
  • Being a good father and husband by being present and curious and finding (and revisiting) things to learn, see, and do.

I’m ready to build what’s next.

Thank you, Derek.

Nov 28, 2021