Taylor Davidson · Here's what I'm doing now

I’m home in Pittsburgh, PA. Here’s what I’m up to:

  • Working on being a good father and husband by being present and curious and finding (and revisiting) things for us to learn, see, and do.
  • Always growing Foresight. Education was a big step in 2022, and working to grow as an educator this year. Just finished cohort 8 of the Cap Table and Exit Waterfall Masterclass, and expanded how the courses can be taken.
  • Investing in companies in fintech, blockchain, and enterprise. Here’s what I’m investing in.
  • I’ve always invested in my health, so working out is nothing new. Learned how to ski last year, and looking forward to ski season this winter.
  • Going to lots of baseball games, answering questions on who is the best basketball player ever, explaining sports rules, listening to music, and enjoying seeing my sons develop their interests in the world.

I’m ready to build what’s next.

Thank you, Derek.

August 7, 2023