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Understanding FP&A roles at growing companies? ↗
What the various roles in finance mean at a startup, and how to think about hiring for finance as companies grow.

Cap Table Hygiene ↗
Technical and practical considerations to keeping a clean cap table.

How to Build a 13 Week Cashflow Model ↗
Plus when and how to use it in business decision making

How will we use AI to build spreadsheet forecast models? ↗
From spreadsheet jockey to prompt CFO, the intersection of artifical intelligence and financial forecasting will bring experimentation to spreadsheets and new opportunities to financial modelers.

New Courses on Financial Modeling ↗
Courses on modeling cap tables, venture funds, and more.

Benchmarks for Early-Stage Financial Projections ↗
Data sources and approaches to benchmarking your metrics for private, early-stage companies.

Cap Table Scenario Modeling for Fundraising and Exits ↗
Using the Cap Table and Exit Waterfall and an import of a share register to create scenarios for fundraising rounds and proceeds from exits.

How to model token allocations and distributions ↗
Translating tokenomics into a forecast of changing allocations over time.

How to Model a Venture Capital Fund ↗
What it means to create a financial model for a venture capital fund, the various ways you can create a portfolio construction and operating cash flow model, and templates and examples that you can use for modeling your fund.

Building an Early-Stage SaaS Financial Model ↗
Discussing the core building blocks of an early-stage SaaS financial model.

Foundations of a VC Fund Model ↗
The foundations to building a forecast model for a venture capital fund.

How to Make a Budget for a Rolling Fund ↗
Best practices for effective budgeting for a rolling fund.

Metrics for Venture Capital Funds ↗
Key metrics for performance reporting for venture capital funds.

Templates and Resources for Modeling Venture Funds ↗
Links to posts, resources, and Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and Causal template models.

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