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Understanding FP&A roles at growing companies? ↗
What the various roles in finance mean at a startup, and how to think about hiring for finance as companies grow.

Cap Table Hygiene ↗
Technical and practical considerations to keeping a clean cap table.

How to Build a 13 Week Cashflow Model ↗
Plus when and how to use it in business decision making

New Courses on Financial Modeling ↗
Courses on modeling cap tables, venture funds, and more.

Benchmarks for Early-Stage Financial Projections ↗
Data sources and approaches to benchmarking your metrics for private, early-stage companies.

Cap Table Scenario Modeling for Fundraising and Exits ↗
Using the Cap Table and Exit Waterfall and an import of a share register to create scenarios for fundraising rounds and proceeds from exits.

How to model token allocations and distributions ↗
Translating tokenomics into a forecast of changing allocations over time.

How to Model a Venture Capital Fund ↗
What it means to create a financial model for a venture capital fund, the various ways you can create a portfolio construction and operating cash flow model, and templates and examples that you can use for modeling your fund.

Building an Early-Stage SaaS Financial Model ↗
Discussing the core building blocks of an early-stage SaaS financial model.

Foundations of a VC Fund Model ↗
The foundations to building a forecast model for a venture capital fund.

How to Make a Budget for a Rolling Fund ↗
Best practices for effective budgeting for a rolling fund.

Metrics for Venture Capital Funds ↗
Key metrics for performance reporting for venture capital funds.

Templates and Resources for Modeling Venture Funds ↗
Links to posts, resources, and Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and Causal template models.

Analyzing mortgage refinancing
Sharing a spreadsheet I built for understanding the personal economics of mortgage refinancing

Why I started using Github to version control spreadsheets
How I started using new ways (to me) to manage financial models for Foresight.

How to Forecast Your Online Course Earnings
Plus, download a sample model to outline your potential earnings

Why I teach financial modeling instead of Excel tricks
How I created a financial model for my course about financial modeling

Apple's iPhone Upgrade Program
How an installment purchase plan is yet another wedge into the mobile industry.

Financial Models Are (Still) Always Wrong: Create One Anyway
After a lot of interest from entrepreneurs for a simplified version of that model, today I’m releasing a streamlined version that will make it easier for entrepreneurs to start understanding the equation underlying their businesses.

Financial Models Are Always Wrong: Create One Anyway.
Why is creating a financial model important?

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