Taylor Davidson · 404s are ok.

A lot of things that were once on this site are no more.

Not everyone may side with me on this, but link rot and 404s are ok as long as you control when they happen. The web is a human, organic place, and humans are messy, break things, and change their minds, and it’s ok for the web to reflect that.

Everything, Everything, Everything

But that comes with the large caveat. We’ve lost a lot of the web, losing sites, features, and worse, core values that used to be fundamental to the web, and much of it is because of how we’ve adopted en mass services that make decisions by their corporate agendas rather than users and our content, our interactions, our own human behavior.

That’s a far larger issue than a couple (hundred) broken links. And since this is my web, I’m ok with breaking links and embracing change.

If you’re looking to find something that was once here, try searching, or email me to see if I have a copy of it somewhere.