Taylor Davidson · 2015

The Entrepreneur's 2016 Gift Guide
What to get now to start planning for 2016.

Why I teach financial modeling instead of Excel tricks
How I created a financial model for my course about financial modeling

Why does real photography matter?
The impact of selfies and computational photography on professional photography today.

Apple's iPhone Upgrade Program
How an installment purchase plan is yet another wedge into the mobile industry.

Minimal Mode
Non-stuff is easier than non-self. We blame the demands of daily work and family life for making zen (and minimalism) unattainable, but the real reason is more raw: fear, ambition, desire, jealousy.

Why is a shoe company a "startup"?
On the role of technology in startups, and why shoes, furniture, mattresses, clothes, food, and "non-tech" businesses are the hot startups of the moment.

The future of big data, ad blocking and tracking
Is big data a big asset or a big liability? That is up to us. Let's consider how we are using data to make better products and ads while dealing with security, privacy, and tracking.

The key to winning Instagram
"You have to be interested to take interesting pictures."

Beyond Better Images
I'm excited about technologies that help us create better photos, not just better images.

Artificial Intelligence in Fintech
The financial services industry has seen the buzz over artifical intelligence before, but will the result be different this time?

New Orleans, The Food
72 hours of New Orleans food

Do Lectures, Australia
Talking about esoteric technology? Easy. Talking about my life? Hard.

Small (and Big) Data
Data abstinence and artificial intelligence.

My Cities, 2014
28 cities and 148 nights away from home.

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