Taylor Davidson · My Cities 2010

by Taylor Davidson · Jan 1st, 2011

Continuing a meme, below are my cities in 2010. As always, only cities where I spent a night count, the * means I visited multiple times on non-consecutive days, and the # in parentheses are the number of separate visits.

As I said last year:

Here’s to a 2010 filled with less cities, less travel and a better life; while the perfect city doesn’t exist, I’ve (slowly) realized that creating a home is about much more than the city itself. Universe, thank you.


New Orleans, LA
Jacksonville, FL
Austin, TX
Pittsburgh, PA
Kalamazoo, MI
Emerald Lake Hills, CA
San Francisco, CA
Knoxville, TN
Luray, VA (6)
Dublin, Ireland
Washington, DC
Palm Springs, CA
Chattanooga, TN
Alexandria, VA
Milford, CT
High Falls, NY
Brooklyn, NY
Kittery, ME
New York, NY

I-59, AL
Accra, Ghana * (3)
Atorkor, Ghana
Late Bosumtwi, Ghana
Kumasi, Ghana
Cape Coast, Ghana
Hidden Valley, PA

For comparison: my cities in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009.

If that’s not enough, here are pictures of where I slept in 2008 and 2009. No bed pictures for 2010, but it will be back in 2011.