Taylor Davidson · 2011

Everyone is a photojournalist.
... and that’s ok. Because even though everyone is a photojournalist in their own way, the dedicated photojournalist still has a valuable role to play.

The Theory of the Nine Rakes
How a joke from the Simpsons tells a story about the power of commitment.

Unsilent Night, 2011
New York, NY

Capital One and Klout (a look into a current promotion)

Intent Engines, Sponsored Actions, and Internet Marketing (why Pinterest, Polyvore, and Personal et. al. matter)
Social services as intent engines, and why they are important to advertisers.

Tim Tebow and the Minimum Viable Offense
The idea of a minimum viable product doesn’t apply just to startups.

How to start charging for what you make
A summary of a short talk I gave at Tribecon 2011

The bubble is already here, it's just not very evenly distributed.
Bubbles happen, but they happen for entirely different reasons every time.

Facebook's potential Adsense competitor
In a “world where more stuff is known by more people”, how will social data link with ads across the web? Here’s one idea.

The real challenges technology companies face today are human, not technical.
And that’s a normal part of the cycle, not a failure of venture capital or innovation.

Dear Sir
New York, NY

Can OpenPhoto unbundle the photo industry?
A vision of an unbundled sharing and stock photography service.

New York, NY

Information, Intelligence, and Wisdom. There's a business in every part of the stack.
Data is great. Analytics are great. But the applications of data are even better.

The Missing Loop in Health Hacking
Health hacking technology and communities are all missing something. Today’s product and community diversity is a sign of immature products and value propositions, but tomorrow’s diversity will be a sign of competitive differentiation.

Hardware is the new software. Entrepreneurs and investors, get on board.
The opportunities for the hardware entrepreneur have never been better.

Bankers always maneuver faster than regulators (Facebook and Wall Street)
Everyone’s going to pay attention to Facebook raising $500 million. But pay much more attention to where the money is coming from.

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