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How the Future of Mobile Apps Impacts Ads and Brands  November 2014
The future of mobile apps will create new avenues for mobile ads. But it all starts with user experiences.

Users, meet Advertisers  November 2014
The shift from a product people love to a product advertisers love is tough. But that should be expected.

Peak Password  October 2014
Why the password needs to be replaced

Apple Watch  October 2014
I'm more excited about Apple's watches than their phones. Here's why.

23 Things I've Learned as a VC  September 2014
Looking back at three years in venture

Software is Eating the Camera  September 2014
How software is changing the form and substance of cameras and photos

Why Mobile Unbundling Isn't Inevitable  August 2014
The state of mobile app unbundling today, and how app extensions, deep linking, and notifications could alter the rationale for unbundling.

The Future of Mobile Photography Apps  July 2014
iOS 8, Android L, and the implications for mobile photography

Moving on from kbs Ventures  July 2014
After a great three years at kbs+ Ventures, the time has come for me to move on. I'm excited to announce that I recently resigned to pursue new endeavors.

The Internet of Things is about more than things.  June 2014
A talk I gave at Startup Iceland, 2014

The State of Programmatic Advertising  May 2014
... will be defined by the sites we make popular and the ad units made to fit them.

Why Deep Linking Matters  May 2014
Mobile apps are adding back the structure of the web, bit by bit.

The Peer-to-Peer Movement  April 2014
Signs of how peer-to-peer technologies will disrupt the centralization of the Internet.

Card Architecture > Card Design  March 2014
Cards are not the first form of embedding interactivity, but it's the one with the biggest future. Look beyond the design of cards to the architecture behind them.

Social photography is changing stock photography.  March 2014
From Shutterstock, to Getty, to EyeEm and 500px, social photography is having an impact on stock photography.

Publishing as a Product, Pageviews as Users, and What The Shift Means  March 2014
Re-thinking publishers as "intent engines", and what it takes to get there

The mobile single-purpose app strategy  March 2014
Thin wedges can be valuable icebergs.

Fundraising for Entrepreneurs  February 2014
Slides from a talk about Fundraising for Early-stage Entrepreneurs I gave at Carnegie Mellon University's Tepper School of Business, Feb 14, 2014

It's a fascinating time to be a publisher  February 2014
An overview of digital publishers today.

How "native advertising" will shift from the buzzy saviour of advertising to the new normal  January 2014
Programmatic content + programmatic buying, FTW.

Mobile messaging, brands, and adtech  November 2013
Mobile communication apps may not appear to be adtech companies. But then, neither did social networks.

Feedback from Founders  October 2013
I surveyed all the entrepreneurs I've met about what I did right AND wrong as a VC. Here's what they said.

Angellist Syndicates is crowdfunding without the crowd. For now.  October 2013
It's impossible to think about Angellist Syndicates without looking at the broader picture of equity crowdfunding.

A VC's take on CGI 2013  October 2013
Thoughts from Clinton Global Initiative by a tech venture capitalist.

The most interesting companies in advertising are built for people first, marketers second.  September 2013
If you want to figure out the future of adtech, look to where consumer technology is going.

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